What’s next in Knight News Challenge: Health

On Tuesday, we closed the Knight News Challenge: Health with 686 entries. Now we’re moving into the “feedback” phase where, through Sunday, a panel of readers and our team will review the applications, ask questions and give feedback. If you’re interested in the contest, we encourage you to do the same. RELATED LINKS 

Data: Why we care” by Esther Dyson

Pizza tracker versus patient tracker” by M. Bridget Duffy

On Sept. 25, we’ll announce a group of 40 semifinalists. We ask those applicants to add additional information to their entries, including budget details and a short video. That group will undergo additional review in October, after which we’ll select finalists and recommend a list of winners to the Knight trustees at their December meeting. We’ll announce the contest winners in January 2014.

Through the end of the feedback phase at 11:59 p.m. ET Sunday, applicants can edit their entries. We recommend that applicants also respond to questions and feedback given in the comments section on their entries; it helps us get additional information that might not have been included in the main body of an entry.

Comments and questions left by members of our panel will be identified with a “READER” tag on their profile photos. There are 10 readers, and you can learn more about them here. Knight Foundation staff will recommend winners to Knight trustees, who make the final decisions, but readers lend their expertise and experience. In many cases, they’ll have clarifying questions for applicants, so it’s good to respond promptly (the system will e-mail you when you receive a comment).

Thank you to everyone who applied, and to those of you who are contributing your comments and thoughts to the challenge. We also want to thank our partners—Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, California HealthCare Foundation, Health Data Consortium and the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation—and the local organizations in each community we visited, for making the contest possible.

By Chris Sopher, journalism program associate at Knight Foundation