Young At Art Museum infuses the cultures of South Florida artists

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The new Young At Art Museum features an array of cultural experiences including installations by some of South Florida’s most acclaimed artists.  Through the eyes and works of artists such as Edouard Duval Carrie, whose fantasy landscapes and metal sculptures reflect the oral traditions of Haiti; paintings by Leonel Matheu that draw inspiration from the political turmoil he experienced in Cuba; African music and textiles by Chisseko Kondowe; beadings and carvings curated by Seminole artist Pedro Zepeda; and Pablo Cano’s Magical Workshop & Theater, where visitors watch artist Pablo Cano fashion marionettes from recycled and reclaimed materials and then make their own, families explore a pictorial history of the many cultures that have influenced the melting pot we call South Florida.

These artists not only collaborated with museum designers and fabricators to infuse their creative spirit and artful voice throughout the exhibition spaces, but will be a presence at Young At Art Museum conducting a series of workshops and demonstrations where visitors can meet the artists and participate in artist-inspired activities. The Museum’s Summer Guest Series will feature resident and guest artists who follow a variety of disciplines including mosaics, puppetry, painting, sculpture and cartooning.

In the words of French Impressionist Edgar Degas, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”  Young At Art embraces that philosophy by supporting South Florida’s celebrated artists and bringing their works and voices to life for all of us to share.

For information about the Summer Guest Series, please call 954-424-0085 or visit