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    How can we use data and analytics to empower decisions that build more equitable city services for underserved members of the community? And how can we build a lasting framework that enables city officials and other everyday stakeholders to make data-driven decisions that build equity and establish a culture shift that can be sustained regardless […]

    Article · July 28, 2021 by and

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    Since the start of the pandemic, nonprofits and governments across America worked quickly to ensure people had access to accurate information about COVID-19 prevention and treatment. This challenge was exacerbated by a rise in mis-and-dis information about the vaccines and a weakened local news ecosystem. In San Jose, the incredibly diverse community presented an added […]

    Article · May 24, 2021 by

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    In 2015, Knight Foundation awarded a grant to the San Jose Downtown Association (SJDA) to study and implement options to transform the ground floor of the San Pedro Square parking garage into a vibrant retail incubator. Like many parking structures, the San Pedro Square garage interrupted the streetscape’s flow and rendered the east side of […]

    Article · March 31, 2021 by

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    On Jan. 22, Knight Foundation announced a new three-year initiative to catalyze the redevelopment of San Jose’s Guadalupe River Park. See the press release for this announcement here. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people traverse San Jose’s Guadalupe River Park and Gardens as part of their daily commute, to attend events at SAP Center […]

    Article · January 22, 2020 by