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    The year 2007 marked a turn in the history of the internet: Twitter made its debut at SXSW, Facebook grew beyond college dorms, YouTube co-hosted its first Presidential debates, and Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. Flush with optimism about technology’s potential, Knight Foundation in 2007 announced the winners of the first Knight News Challenge. Open to anyone, the challenge […]

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    Headed to the 2017 American Library Association Conference in Chicago? Check out “Innovation in Libraries: Beyond the Talk” with John Bracken on Sunday, June 25 at 10:30 a.m. CT. Over the last two years, Knight Foundation has funded 36 library innovation projects through two Knight News Challenges. As we closed our review of entries last […]

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    Knight News Challenge on Elections video series.  RELATED LINKS   “Taking civic participation from the voting booth to the streets” by Seamus Kraft on Knight blog, 03/09/15 “Knight News Challenge: Elections Mixtape” by Knight Foundation “Towards empathetic disruption: Civic tech and doing what works” by John Bracken and Lucas Hernandez on Knight blog, 03/04/15 “Democracy […]

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    Whenever we open a contest, I always feel a little bit like when I throw a party: I’m never sure if anyone will show up, and am always relieved when they do. We closed the Knight News Challenge: Data Thursday afternoon with 881 applications – 813 are openly visible on the NewsChallenge Tumblr, another 68 […]

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    Photo Credit: Flickr user Andrew Whitacer Over the next few days, you may notice a couple of hundred of people moving towards the MIT Media Lab for The Story & The Algorithm, the 2012 Civic Media Conference. Knight Foundation and the Center for Civic Media at MIT collaborate on the conference. It’s an important occasion for us to gather friends, colleagues […]

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    Photo Credit: Flickr user Koen Vereeken The Knight News Challenge is being offered three times this year, in short, focused rounds to better mirror the pace of innovation. Winners of Round 1, which focused on networks, will be announced June 18. Here, Journalism and Media Innovation Program Director John Bracken gives a preview on the […]

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    Note: To apply for the News Challenge, and read our FAQ, visit Today, and for the following 19 days, the Knight News Challenge is open for business. The theme of the challenge is Networks.  The most common question I’ve been asked since we announced the challenge is exactly what we mean by Networks. We’re trying not to […]

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    I’m excited to tell you about the 16 projects Knight Foundation has selected as winners of the fifth Knight News Challenge . (The Center for Future Civic Media is streaming the announcement live.) Several of the early-arriving winners met for dinner with Knight Foundation staff last night. I was excited to see them discover connections […]

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    When Knight Foundation launched the News Challenge in September 2006, the media landscape looked a lot different than it does today.  The iPhone was merely a rumor— Motorola’s Razr was the  top selling phone. Twitter was still a project of ODEO and, for many of us, RSS was the future of distribution on the Internet. Netflix, which had 5.6 million […]

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