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    Of the $566 billion managed by the wealthiest U.S. colleges and universities, the share handled by diverse-owned firms remains unknown. Full Report Learn More In fall 2021, Knight Foundation set out to assess the degree to which the 50 wealthiest private and public U.S. colleges and universities (the 25 private and 25 public colleges and […]

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  • Learning and Impact

    “When you know better, do better.” These wise words from the late Maya Angelou reflect Knight’s progress and commitment to identify diverse-owned asset managers when investing its endowment. In 2010, our CEO was asked how much of Knight’s $2.1 billion endowment was managed by firms owned by women or minorities. We looked it up. Given our […]

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    On February 12, 2020, Knight Foundation released findings from a study that analyzed the diversity among asset managers for the nation’s top charitable foundations. Knight’s Sam Gill and Juan Martinez share insights below. View the full report here, and see the press release here. In early 2010, we were publicly asked how much of Knight […]

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    This piece was originally published on WealthManagement.com on June 11, 2019. Women- and minority-owned companies manage more than a third of the Knight Foundation’s endowment. It’s paying off. Several years ago, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation decided to start investing portions of our multi-billion-dollar endowment with firms owned and managed by women […]

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    RELATED LINKs Archive: GEM Webinar (39 min., Webex.com archived event) Financial Oversight Lessons about Grant Expenditure Monitoring At Knight Foundation, we value working with grantees who are willing to take big risks and experiment in smart, well thought out ways. Equally as valuable to us are the tools that help effectively manage and evaluate the impact of […]

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    Dr. Frank Douglas, President and CEO of the Austen BioInnovation Institute in Akron Juan Martinez, Vice President/CFO at Knight Foundation: A little over three years ago, Akron leaders visited Knight Foundation, proposing a new, collaborative approach to jumpstart Northeast Ohio’s knowledge-based economy. We helped bring a cross-section of the community’s leadership together for strategic planning. […]

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