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    A new $2.23 million Knight Foundation investment will support the UNC Center for Innovation and Sustainability in Local News and Table Stakes Newsroom Initiative The News Reporter, a newspaper in Whiteville, N.C., with a proud history of public service, was on the verge of closing its doors. But support and coaching from the UNC-Knight Foundation […]

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    On August 5, 2019, Knight Foundation made a $1.2 million investment in a new diversity, equity and inclusion transformation program at the Maynard Institute. LaSharah S. Bunting, director of journalism at Knight, explains how this is different from past approaches.  Despite decades of warnings, diversity in newsrooms is still one of the most pressing challenges […]

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    News organizations have come to understand this important truth: a deep relationship with readers leads to improved trust, stronger journalism and sustainable business. Yet that authentic connection can be difficult to establish when newsroom leaders and staff don’t reflect the communities they serve. Diversity in newsrooms is among the biggest challenges facing the industry, yet […]

    Article · September 26, 2018 by

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    LaSharah Bunting is Knight Foundation director for journalism.  Many news organizations have come to understand that a meaningful relationship with audiences is crucial to their success. Yet that connection can be tenuous when a newsroom does not reflect the communities it serves in its staff and coverage. Deeper understanding of the audience can lead to […]

    Article · February 27, 2018 by