Coast to Coast Ep. 17: Leveraging parks and public spaces for schools during COVID-19

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How can schools leverage greenspaces during COVID-19? How can parks and public spaces provide a safer space for outdoor learning? On Episode 17 of Coast to Coast, we’ll hear from Sharon Danks, CEO and Founder of Green Schoolyards America, a nonprofit  that supports schools in using their outdoor areas more strategically to improve the well-being of children, their communities, and the urban environment. Green Schoolyards America is a co-founder of the National COVID-19 Outdoor Learning Initiative, which is helping school districts across the country use outdoor spaces as they reopen with physical distancing measures in place.

Episode Resources
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Green Schoolyards America’s pre-COVID work:

  • Two introductory articles wrote by Sharon Danks
  • Information about Sharon Danks’ book, Asphalt to Ecosystems: 
  • Free downloadable books. This set of books includes more than 250 ideas to help teachers take kids of all ages outside at school for hands-on learning and other activities: 
  • Video/audio library of recorded live presentations given by Sharon Danks about green schoolyards

Work related to the National COVID-19 Outdoor Learning Initiative:  

News articles


  • “Schools Mull Outdoor Classes Amid Virus, Ventilation Worries” – AP News
  • “Schools Seeking Alternative to Remote Learning Try an Experiment: Outdoor Classrooms” –NBC News
  • “A California Collective Makes the Case for Outdoor Learning” – PBS Newshour Weekend
  • “Why Can’t We Have Class Outside? It might be the answer to America’s school-reopening problem.” –The Atlantic
  • “Why Outdoor Education May be the Key to Reopening Schools Safely” – Bioneers


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