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    A study to assess the representation of women and racial or ethnic minorities among investment firms used by the country’s top 50 charitable foundations For a decade, Knight Foundation has been intentional about identifying high quality, diversely-owned asset managers when investing its endowment. In response to frequent questions from a variety of stakeholders into the […]

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    Local journalists are at the frontline of communities, investigating and delivering the news that matters most to residents. Their future and the survival of their profession is critically entwined with the health of our communities and our democracy. And they are disappearing. Confronted with sinking revenues, local news organizations are shutting their doors and leaving […]

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    About the fellowship: In June 2019, Knight Foundation announced the inaugural group of Knight Public Spaces Fellows, seven talented leaders with exemplary track records of crafting public spaces — parks, plazas, trails, community spaces and streets — that create opportunities for civic engagement.  Each of the fellows receive $150,000 in flexible funding to provide them with the […]