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    In a year full of intense news cycles, Americans’ media diets have fluctuated dramatically. Current attention levels to local news are at a three-year low after peaking during the early part of the COVID-19 pandemic. With national politics dominating the agenda in recent months, attention to local news has faded. However, local outlets have largely […]

    Article · December 16, 2020 by

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    The 2020 election was marked by severe political divisions, a public health crisis, unease about the voting process, concerns about misinformation and delays in the projection of the winner and the start of the presidential transition process. But the election was also characterized by historic levels of political participation, a highly engaged electorate and citizens […]

    Article · December 7, 2020 by

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    Media bias is a great concern for Americans, and the implications of such bias for society are magnified when the nation is in crisis, such as the current coronavirus pandemic. A new Gallup/Knight Foundation survey finds that a majority of Americans are concerned about biased news coverage of the coronavirus situation, including reporting that downplays the […]

    Article · May 26, 2020 by and

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    This piece was originally published on on September 6, 2019. Americans give a “thumbs up” to news reporters using social media to interact with their audiences, but they prefer that reporters use it to correct the record or give greater depth on the stories they are reporting, instead of expressing their opinions about the […]

    Article · September 6, 2019 by