Messaging – Knight Foundation


This contains information you may use in communications relating to your Knight grant, including foundation-approved copy about what we do and key messages related to our mission.

Boilerplate copy

Please include the following paragraph about Knight Foundation at the end of your press release. 

About the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

We are social investors who support democracy by funding free expression and journalism, arts and culture in community, research in areas of media and democracy, and in the success of American cities and towns where the Knight brothers once had newspapers. Learn more at and follow @knightfdn on social media.

Key facts about Knight Foundation

These facts and statistics can enrich your knowledge of Knight and help make your publications more engaging. Please refer to our About Knight Page.

Key messages

The messages below are not for use verbatim. They present key points about Knight that should help guide your communications.

  • Knight Foundation promotes informed and engaged communities. We believe that providing people with information is essential so that they and their communities can make the best choices. Journalism plays a critical role in that process. 
  • We believe in freedom of expression and in the values expressed in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. 
  • We seek projects in the arts, cities and journalism that lead to transformational, sustainable change.
  • We experiment with digital technology and new grant-making concepts to connect with innovators worldwide.
  • We pledge to be approachable, transparent and responsive toward everyone.